Android apps and free software

Hello world! This is the main page for my free and open-source applications.


Currently, I'm working on two Android apps:

Recipe manager for Android

MIDI sheet music page-turner

Zimbelstern's F-Droid repository

You can find my Android apps in this repo:

This is the official F-Droid repository of apps from zimbelstern.eu.

To add it to your F-Droid client, scan the QR code, click on it and open with F-Droid or add the following URL manually in the F-Droid settings:


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How to contact me

Most recently developed software is published on Github.

If you would like send me an email, please type post for the local part of my email address and use this domain's name (the part after https:// in your address bar).

German-speaking people can also find more information on my personal homepage.

What does Zimbelstern mean?

Have a look at Wikipedia's explanation.